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        您現在的位置:首頁 ? 產品中心 ? LED演播燈/直播燈/兒童燈(暢銷品)


        Product Specifications: Model FD-640 (Single color) FD-640II (Bi color) Color temperature 5500k 3200k-5500k Brand Yidoblo Type LED RING LIGHT Power 100w Lumen 10000lm LEDs' number 640 SMD LEDs Lumen 10000lm CRI RA>95 Dimmable 0%-99% Outer Dimension 22inch/55cm Inner Dimension 18inch/45cm Hot Shoe 3 Phone Rechargeable Charge two smartphones at a time Control Mode Dimmer with LED Display/Infra-red Remote Color Choice Black/White/Pink Voltage AC 110v-240v/DC 14.5V Battery Type NP-F750 NP-F960*2 (Not Included) What is included FD-640II, Infra-red Remote Controller, Phone Holder*1pc and AC Adapter
        版權所有 ? 佛山市順德區勒流美迪科攝影器材廠 | 網 址:http://www.yjhx.net/ | 備案號:粵ICP備13044304號