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      Model LT-RGB2 Power W=20W,R=14W, G=14W, B=14W LED Source 320pcs SMD LEDs CRI 93ra+ Color Temperature Continuously adjustable 2800k-9990k Dimming 0-99% continuous Color Light Full RGB+5500K gamut with saturation control and vibrant color selection Control DMX, Mobile App and Dimmer Power input AC100-240v, DC 15V Battery Bulit-in Battery Size 69x4cm Light Effects Cop Car, Lightning, Fire, Pulsing, Color chase, Auto-Cycle, Candle, Fireworks,Paparazzi, Club Lights, Light Strobe, Clouds
      版權所有 ? 佛山市順德區勒流美迪科攝影器材廠 | 網 址:http://www.yjhx.net/ | 備案號:粵ICP備13044304號